4 essential points in optimizing your blog for search engines


Search engines are essential for the life of a blog. Without them, no traffic so no visitors, and that says no visitors said no monetization possible.

Search engine optimization has become commonplace. However for beginners, it is crucial to acquire the basic terms, you will find that it is not necessary to be a technician to understand.

1. The home page

The home page is the first page your visitors will see when they access your site. It will, therefore, ensure that it contains all your keywords so that the search engine robots can find them easily. You must also ensure that the content of your homepage is interesting enough so that your visitors want to stay.

2. Loading time

Loading time is too often abandoned, as site or blog creators consider that all users have fast access nowadays. Think again, many Internet users use low-speed lines, in France and even in the United States.

It will, therefore, be necessary to ensure that the loading time of your site is as short as possible; it is common to see places that take more than a minute to load. Your visitors will not wait a minute to view your site; they will go to other blogs and will probably never come back.

3. Links

Your blog should also contain the most appropriate links. A link connects your visitor to a particular keyword or topic in your site. The internal links of your blog are essential to facilitate navigation.

You will of course regularly check that your links are active and do not lead to an error page; otherwise, the quality of your site will be affected, even if you have the best content.

4. The content

We have already mentioned this theme, but it is good to return to it from time to time. You must pay close attention to your content. It must always be attractive to your visitors, so they remember your site and the same in their favorites.

Do not forget to put your keywords in each ticket, but above all make sure they appear in the right place.

If your visitors find that your site is interesting, they will recommend it to their friends, and so your site will become one of their favorites.


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