7 free tools to make the most of Twitter


For many, Twitter can be a fun place, and even if it is not fun, you may need to use it for your career. In both cases, managing your account can take a lot of your time and energy. Fortunately, there are a bunch of free tools you can use. To make it more useful, we will show you the best of these tools.

1. Use TweetDeck to schedule tweets

You should first know that using Twitter regularly is your key to the growth of your followers, but you may be busy and do not have time to Twitter every hour of the day. In this current you can use the TweetDeck tool on the web to schedule tweets in advance, and if you have used the old application for smartphones, You should now know that it is a formal part of Twitter in the new web application, and if you have not used it before, it’s easy to learn.

When you go to create a new tweet using the badminton icon on the top left, type the tweet in the text box, then post directly by clicking on Twitter, or using the Tweet Scheduler instead, which allows you to choose the time and date you want and the feed will be posted Automatically.

TweetDeck tool

2. Use IFTTT to automatically publish your blog

It’s always good to post content you create, but it will be tedious to post a new tweet each time you publish something in your blog. Instead, you can use IFTTT to automate the process, which allows you to automate publishing across a wide range of services such as Templer, Blogger, You will need to connect the service to your blog, and your posts will automatically be posted to your blog on Twitter.

3. Use Twitter analytics to analyze your tweets

If you want to know which of your tweets are doing well or how your followers are progressing over time, you can use the Twitter Analytics service, which gives you information such as your main Tweets, the most important thing you mentioned, and your total impressions On Twitter, and your biggest follower, and you can use this information to grow your tweets and make them more influential.

Twitter Analytics service

4. Use RiteTag to know which hacks should be used

Hitchhiking can be a complex task, but it is necessary to make people see your tweets, but it is not always clear which hacks should be used. If you want to get a quick and easy way to reproduce the appropriate hacks, try the RiteTag tool.

All you have to do is use the search function at the top right of the page to search for the tweet topic; then the tool will show you the most common hacks on the subject.

5. Use Pablo to create shareable images

Photos are a great way to share content, but you may not have enough time to learn basic Photoshop skills to create your own photos. In this case, you can use Pablo to create fast, easy-to-share photos. You can choose a background image, add any text you want, change the font and align, and now Your photo is ready to share, and you can download it right away on Twitter from the gadget

6. Use The Hash to learn what the world is currently doing

You can see what the world is looking at on Twitter by looking at the hustler column to the left of the homepage, but for a more immersive experience, try this tool, which shows an elegant overview available to scroll horizontally to the most important news on Twitter now. To see the story summary, or to share it directly on Twitter using the Share button.

7. Use Trendsmap to see local coordinates

Sometimes, you need to know the famous traders now locally, and this is what this tool gives you. It shows a map of the world with the best keywords in each country. You can click on it to see tweets using this word as well as statistics about its use. Alerts based on this trend.



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