7 important security factors for shopkeepers

security factors

E-commerce is no longer limited to leading e-commerce companies such as Amazon, Alibaba, and others, but it has grown to include small and medium-sized businesses in various disciplines. Electronic stores run by individuals working from their homes or small shops have also spread.

Creating a profitable e-store – regardless of whether you sell products or services – faces many challenges. The main stages of construction include: designing a website dedicated to the store, attracting visitors, and turning those visitors into customers.

There are many factors to consider when setting up your e-store site, the most important of which is security best practices because ignoring this factor will put your entire business at risk. If you do not give priority to email security within your organization, or your website, you are offering a golden opportunity for hackers to break through and threaten to keep your business in the market.

The following are seven critical factors for online store owners:

1. Choosing a secure hosting service:

As an online store owner, you are responsible for all customer data stored on the site and servers, including email, credit cards, and transaction dates, but it is impossible to keep this type of confidential information secure if you can not trust the server and platform that hosts your site.

To compete in the online retail world, you have to invest in a secure, high-powered cloud hosting service where relying on a shared data centre makes it more challenging to keep your data safe. This is most damaging to your business, so if you choose a cheap hosting company And unreliable, will not only get bad performance, but your site’s security may also be negatively affected.

Choosing an excellent hosting service will give your website a boost to improve its position in the search engine results, as well as improve the user experience as a result of the excellent performance of the site, which will have a direct positive impact on the high number of visitors and customers.


2. Add SSL protection:

Hosting an e-store website is not only about choosing a trusted hosting provider, because every time a customer enters a password or a credit card number on your website, but it is also at risk that the hacker will seize that information.

To provide peace of mind for you and your customers, and to improve search engine visibility, it is essential to activate the SSL protection protocol on your website. This protocol is known as SSL – Secure Socket Layer, which protects transactions over the Internet by keeping data confidential as it travels through Sites through encryption, in other words, the client data will be invisible to hackers.

Many people use the Internet over unreliable and potentially unsafe Wi-Fi networks, making their data available to anyone, but with SSL encryption, stolen data cannot be decrypted.

3. Encrypting client data:

By using SSL, you protect client data flowing between the server and the client browser, but this does not prevent hackers from trying to sneak into the backend systems, stealing information directly from the source. That’s why encryption tools are needed to protect your databases and servers.

The hosting service is unlikely to allow you to start installing security software on its server, but you should ask questions about the security options you will receive before you sign up for the hosting service. You must encrypt the database tables to protect your email addresses, phone numbers, and passwords, Credit card numbers.

4. Test weaknesses consistently:

Disruption of electronic store sites can lead to a considerable loss. Because if your customers cannot reach your site reliably, it means a loss of revenue. For this reason, you must be as proactive as possible in the search for potential weaknesses before being exploited by another person.

The process, known as the Penetration Testing, involves the appointment of an outside security company, which simulates a hacker’s cyber-attack, to check exploitable vulnerabilities. If they find any weakness in your site or associated database, they will alert you to the problem and make recommendations for correcting The bugs.


5. Compliance with data protection laws:

User privacy became one of the most important global trends in 2018, as the General Data Protection Directive entered into force on May 25, 2018, an EU privacy law to give users the ability to control their data over the Internet. On how all websites are treated with user data.

Under the rules of the Data Protection Regulation (GPDR), any website that is available to European users must manage data accordingly, so customers should be notified of how their data is shared and alerted in the event of a security breach. Failure to comply with these rules can result in fines And significant penalties.

6. Data Backup:

All e-commerce sites need to set up an emergency plan to deal appropriately with unexpected problems, such as a significant cyber attack or interruption of service, the purpose of which is to restore the underlying website and associated databases and return to normal as soon as possible.

Your organization should have a strict backup policy for all major databases. Best practices emphasize that more than one backup is required on multiple global servers, even if your primary database is broken in an area, you can quickly move the work.

7. Use of immediate threat alerts:

There is a common saying that “knowledge is strong,” and that applies to secure websites, including e-commerce sites, especially concerning early dealing with any hacking attempts and malware that target those sites.

The sooner you know of a new threat, the better. This is one of the main reasons why you think about investing in a web site monitoring service. Although subscription fees associated with an e-commerce site may be a bit high, it is worth considering, for the necessity


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