Amazon launches a Kindle Youth Edition with reading lights and less than US$100

Youth Edition

There are black and white colors to further explore the entry-level market.

Although the current price of Kindle Paperwhite is not expensive (and it’s really not easy to break…), it’s clear that in Amazon’s eyes, there is still room for further development of lower-end products. Not long ago, they launched a “new youth version” of the Kindle. Its main selling point is the built-in adjustable reading light, which sells directly to US$90.

In addition, the new Kindle is also equipped with a 6-inch touch e-ink screen that provides better contrast and anti-glare. The lines of the device become more rounded and weigh 174g, with black and white colors to choose from. The machine’s built-in storage is 4GB, it can be fully charged in 4 hours, and it can provide “weeks” of battery life at full power. In terms of software functions, the new Kindle can also synchronize reading progress through Whispersync cross-platform, and also supports English vocabulary prompts, Chinese vocabulary phonetic, X-Ray, and quick flip book. 

This new product is currently available on Amazon’s official website, and will be shipped worldwide from April 10th.



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