AMD Radeon cards help you get the perfect World War Z experience

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Today, players around the world began their journey to keep their lives alive in World War z, so both AMD and Saber Interactive worked together to make sure that the Radeon cards and the players they use will get the best performance possible while playing!

Players with Radeon Graphics Card will also be able to access Day-0 support with the help of Radeon Adrenalin Edition 19.4.2 and will have access to a large number of features!


Features World War Z players with Radeon Graphics cards

  • Performance: The AMD Radeon cards will be able to smoothly run the game on excellent quality either 1080p resolution or 1440p or even 4K with support for both DirectX 11 and Vulkan.
  • Shader Intrinsics support: The connection between World War Z and AMD’s graphics processor will improve graphics processing and other technical issues, which will benefit the player.
  • Utilizing RPM and ASync: AMD Radeon cards support GPU Utilization technologies, which eliminates common problems like latency and improves performance in general thanks to technologies such as Rapid Packed Math and ASync Compute, which will help the card to access more parameters!

In general, Radeon cards allow you to access many features including FreeSync, which synchronizes the graphics card operation with the screen and is supported by more than 700 monitors already on the market!

Now you can download World War Z for all game systems including Windows PC, PS4 and indeed Xbox One. You can also download the latest AMD definitions here, and we share it with you as soon as they are released, so follow us!



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