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The Battle Royale games are now on the throne, and this quality is the most attractive to the players, so we have seen the Battle Royale stages in some of the games that were independent of matching the current wave. So the developers and publishers of Battle Royale To release their games on the smartphone platform in an attempt to reach a new segment of consumers and expand the purchasing category.

The latest Battle Royale games were Apex Legends from the development of Respawn Entertainment and the publication of Electronics Arts, and the game was able to displace all similar games and announce a new king threatening the throne of Fortnite.

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The game used the correction techniques used in the same match Titanfall as well as the world and the characters were taken from the same world, and added a lot of features and also avoided many of the flaws in the Battle Royale games.

Electronics Art announced that Apex Legends would be available on the smartphone platform soon. The move follows the company’s record numbers. According to Apex Legend, the game is one of the biggest growing titles this year. 30% of the players are new to the company’s products, meaning that the game not only achieved good sales but also increased the spread of the publisher.

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We also know that Apex Legends is a free game based on some purchases within the game, but does not affect the gaming experience, so Electronics Art has confirmed that it is working on the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlong-term services for the game and will undoubtedly continue to support it and add new additions, tools and weapons, The game will remain at the same level and will only turn into Pay To Win.

After the release of Apex Legends on the smartphone platform, do you think that the time will be appropriate for the game to be released on the Nintendo Switch platform more comfortable and more relevant with the nature of the game

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