Analyst Ming-Chi Ku, the author of the most famous and most accurate leaks about Apple’s products, revealed his new expectations regarding the products the company plans to announce in the coming period.

In February, Kuo published the 2019 Apple Roadmap, which included information on its devices in various categories, including iPhone, iPad, Tablet PCs, Macs, and smartphones, as well as accessories And other services.

But what Ku has revealed is now in breach of some of the expectations he published two months ago. He had previously expected the company to launch later in 2019 a laptop from the 16-16.5-inch MacBook Pro, Will not announce the computer before the first half of 2021.

Concerning the 31.6-inch, 6K or 3K computer screen, Ko has maintained his expectations and said the company would soon launch it with the Micro LED backlight technology.

Aside from its size and technique, Kou did not address the screen specifications in his recent research note, but he expects the screen to have a form of full-color gradation and high contrast.

As for the MacBook Pro, Ko predicted that it would include a mini LED-backlit display and reiterated its expectation that the screen would be between 16 and 16.5 inches. But this time he predicted that the screen size could be up to 17 inches.

Apple has been offering the 17-inch MacBook Pro but has stopped producing it in 2012, and now the company seems to be considering reviving it, especially as the largest measurement available from its current laptops is 15 inches at 2.880 x 1,800 pixels.


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