Asphalt Game 9: Legend Makes Its Way Into Nintendo Switch Devices This Summer!

asphalt 9 nintendo switch

Gameloft, the leader in gaming development and deployment, is pleased to announce the launch of the upcoming Nintendo Game 9: The Legend of the Nintendo Switch next summer, the latest game in the world’s most award-winning world of racing games.

The game comes as the second version of Gameloft on the Nintendo Switch, after it was preceded by Modern Combat Blackout, and is a continuation of the tradition of the release of Asphalt games on the platforms of Nintendo games, which began issuing Asphalt: Urban GT on the Nintendo DS in 2004. Also pleased Gameloft will announce that the release of the game “Asphalt 9”: The legend for Nintendo switches will include the multi-player mode of split screen in addition to a new method called “fast race” can be played while online or without it. The players will also enjoy the famous racing style of the series, adapted specially for the Nintendo Switch, giving them a variety of gaming styles, including Joy-Con ™, Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, gyro control buttons, , Or the innovative Touch drive system, a new approach to driving control systems that adds strategic decision-making to increase the fun of the race.

asphalt 9 nintendo switch
Asphalt Game 9: Legend Makes Its Way Into Nintendo Switch Devices This Summer!

Downloading the game Asphalt 9: Legend is free on the Nintendo Switch devices, nor will it require downloading and playing owning a Nintendo Switch Online account. Gameloft applies the highest standards of cash benefit from free applications to allow players to enjoy the game and unlock the full content without having to make any purchases from within the game. For players who need a quick start within the game, they can take advantage of the “Beginner’s Beginner 9: Legend” Starter Pack, which unlocks many amazing supercars as well as resources that help them boost their progress and challenge their friends in the players’ position. The multi-screen split at the beginning of their way inside the game

The Asphalt Game 9: The Legend, designed at the Gameloft Studio in Barcelona, ​​became the icon of the most popular and award-winning racing games on mobile devices. In this version of the Nintendo Switch, the players will have the same pleasure and experience as the car racing that allows them to refine their skills, prove their competence, and write their legend by starting on the racetrack that stretches across breathtaking locations around the world. They will also be able to purchase the world’s most famous supercars and amazing tracks by racing in the new singles campaign mode. As the legendary Asphalt 9 comes out, with nearly 60 superheroes, including some of the fastest and most luxurious cars, such as Bugatti Chiron, McLaren P1, and Lamborghini Terzo Millennio, all appear exclusively in Asphalt 9: Legend.

asphalt 9 Nintendo switch coming soon

Supports Asphalt 9: Legend Up to 8 players in free online play mode and up to four players in split screen mode. The split-screen function allows players to race on one of 42 available tracks against up to three local opponents in the new offline game mode.

“It’s a pleasure for all Gameloft employees to launch Asphalt 9: the Legend on the Nintendo Switch,” said Baudouin Corman, Gameloft Operations Manager. The Nintendo Switch is a truly fantastic gaming platform that fits the game perfectly. This comes in the wake of the launch of Modern Combat Blackout to represent a new step in Gameloft’s quest to make its games available on the various gaming platforms used by our players. “

More information on the release of Asphalt 9: the Legend for Nintendo Switch devices will be released later this year



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