Facebook seems to be testing a new way to display content in a news feed and your stories on a social network. Content from exporters may be integrated into a fast scrollable hybrid (Carousel). Thus, this means that scrolling will be compensated by swiping.

facebook feed

This was discovered by reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong, who often finds the new features that companies are working on. The engineer found that Facebook is experimenting with this new format and has shared the GIF image in its official Twitter account displaying the news feed in a circular loop no different from those in the stories.

So if this change is made, users will drag or click from left to right to view the content rather than scrolling from top to bottom as they do now. This will also give them the chance to see the news and stories together.

Like many other technology companies, Facebook is testing new things regularly, and that does not mean that it is decided to launch this change for users right now. The data obtained by Facebook from this test may not be sufficient to convince the company to move forward and make these changes to all users. The company has not commented on the test so far, and it is not clear at this time whether this change will be released to the general public and when this may occur.


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