Google offers Google Duplex for more Android and iOS devices

Google Duplex for more Android and iOS devices

Google offers Google Duplex for more Android and iOS devices

Last year, especially during the Google I / O conference, the launch of Google Duplex, which allows voice calls instead of users through the Google Assistant, Google Duplex gives its users the ability to book restaurants, movies, hotels and all places that require access to Make a appointment by making a call instead of shouting the phone and arranging all the things through the phone call without even the other party feeling that he is talking to a machine and not a real person.

Google promised at the first launch of the new property that the property is officially available to users from last summer, but it was delayed some time to launch the service with the Google announcement of the new generation of Google phones Pixel in October. The property since this time has been a closed canopy for pixel devices from the three generations and in only four states within the United States.

Now, nearly seven months after Google’s launch of Google users, Google has announced through its official spokesperson that the service will reach a broader range of users. It will be available on all Android devices running Android Lollipop 5.0, as well as iOS devices with Google Assistant in 43 states And the service will begin to reach users starting this week to reach the next week.

Google’s announcement of the availability of Google Duplex has not been delayed for days. According to XDA Developers, some of the developers of the site have already acquired the new feature on the Galaxy S10 Plus and have been able to use it without a problem.

Artificial intelligence is on the way to replacing human tasks in many ways. Perhaps the Google Duplex service is an excellent example of this. After all, you may not be able to distinguish between your calls with real people and machines.

What do you think of Google Duplex? Do you think that replacing them with a human factor in calls could pose a danger in the future?
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