Still a full Android tablet, not a smart display

HTC did not launch mobile phones at MWC 2019, but officially announced their HTC 5G Hub , which was launched in cooperation with US telecommunications company Sprint . It is a connection hub with 5G connectivity and a 5” Android tablet. So users can use it as a full-featured Android device instead of a castrated smart display, but they do this to make it easier to control the device.

As a behavioral hotspot, the HTC 5G Hub can connect up to 20 devices, while providing 4K video and game data consumption. The 7,660mAh battery in the body can meet the basic day-to-day work needs, and can also reverse the phone charging. However, this figure is calculated by wired network connection; the endurance of 5G network is not calculated because there is still no commercial 5G network on the market.

As an Android device, the HTC 5G Hub is equipped with a Snapdragon 855 processor and an X50 5G modem with 4GB RAM and 32GB of storage, supporting up to 2TB microSD card expansion. In addition to 5G, the Hub can correspond to 802.11ac WiFi and the new generation of WiFi 6. 

Speaking of products that work with telecom operators, the HTC 5G Hub is naturally only sold at Sprint, and pricing is yet to be announced. But it’s about to wait until Sprint’s 5G network is ready to sell with it.


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