Intel’s server route map shows DDR 5 and PCIe 5.0 memory in 2021

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During a presentation of Huawei in April, the route map of Intel Xeon processors for servers and data centres was leaked. The road map revealed that Intel would provide DDR5 and PCIe 5.0 memory with Sapphire Rapids architecture in 2021. The plan also confirmed that the Granite Rapids architecture ( GRR) would be available in 2022, as well as continued support for the Optane memory, which may reach an annual update. There will be two platforms for Cooper Lake, which will have a core capacity of 48 nuclei

2019 Intel Meeting

The road map included some key details of the Xeon family coming from the Cooper-SP 14-meter-based Cooper Lake-SP family, which will be part of the Whitley platform and will feature up to 48 core Cooper-AP and eight random DDR4 Support for PCI-E 3.0 with support for the latest Octane memory that will be fully compatible with Whitley. The Cooper Lake processors will support 4s and 8s with up to 26 core processors for its Xeon processors and support for DDR4 memory with 6 channels and PCI- E 3.0.

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The Intel Ice Lake-SP processors will be available in the second quarter of 2020 and will be based on 10nm manufacturing precision. These processors will support up to 26 kernel and DDR4 memory and provide eight channels … But what are the features of the Ice Lake-SP processors? With AMD EPYC Rome processors in the third quarter of this year and the Ice Lake-SP processors will rely on the new architecture of Sunny Cove for the design of the kernel, which will provide significant improvements, up to two times better performance than the current structure of processors.

It is worth mentioning that the central processors based on the 10-nanometer manufacturing accuracy that will be produced in 2020 are an improved process of 10-nanometer manufacturing accuracy that will be launched this year



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