It has documented the leaks of internal files belonging to Qualcomm company, referred to as documents specific to the specifications of the chip Snapdragon 735.

Qualcomm has unveiled the Snapdragon 730 processor chip over the past few weeks, and again today has detected leaks about a new version of Snapdragon 735.

The leaks that have been published today show the main features of the Snapdragon 735 chip, which is based on the 7nm manufacturing accuracy used in the current Snapdragon 855 chip. The chip also comes in eight nuclei distributed at 2.9GHz, with one nano at 2.4GHz, The last core is at 1.8GHz.

The nuclei shown in the Kryo 400 leaks are nuclei derived from the Cortex-A76, while the cores come from Cortex-A55 cores, the processor also includes the Adreno 620 graphics card, and the Snapdragon 735 processor chip offers a 750 MHz speed. The time that the Adreno 618 screen presented a rate of 825 MHz in the Chip Snapdragon 730 processor.

The Snapdragon 735 processor also includes NPU220 technology at speeds of up to 1GHz to support the processes associated with artificial intelligence technology, even according to leaks. The Snapdragon 735 chip is scheduled to come with a 5G modem chip, so we look forward to announcing the new processor chip from Qualcomm.


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