Learn about the top features of the upcoming iOS 13 update

iOS 13

Only two weeks have passed since the start of Apple’s annual WWDC 2019 conference, which has seen a lot of announcements that will change not only the company’s next year’s plan but the evolution map of technology in general. Among the publications announced at the conference, we will focus today on the update of Apple’s iOS and iOS 13, which will show you the latest changes and features expected to be available in the new update.

Phones that will not support the update

Before we start talking about the advantages of the new system, we should mention that several reports that Apple will not send iOS 13 update to all the devices currently running iOS 12, where it will stop support for several devices are iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 5s and iPhone SE in addition To iPad Mini 2 and iPad Air. So if you’re thinking about buying these devices in the current period, you should wait until the official announcement to avoid a crisis of support for those phones, which will come after a period of inability to install applications from the App Store.

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The next iOS 13 update combo

Night mode

Night mode is one of the long-standing features that iOS users have been demanding since they are available in many stand-alone applications, but system applications are still lacking. In the upcoming iOS 13 update, Apple is expected to launch the Dark Mode similarly to MacOS Mojave, especially since some of its advertising announcements are designed in a design similar to the night mode.

Night mode

IOS apps compatibility with macOS

Beginning with iOS 12 and MacOS Mojave, Apple has started working on the compatibility of its smart-device applications with its system for computers. It has already started to provide some of its apps on iOS such as stock, audio and home application to run on MacOS. This year, starting with iOS 13, Apple will open the door for developers to launch applications running on both systems using the same code without having to build each application on its own.

Multiple windows for iPad

Multiple windows for iPad

Up to this point, the multi-window feature is available on iPad devices on a small scale as few applications can be run next to the main app, and most of them are applications developed by Apple. Updating the next system will significantly increase the number of windows, allowing users to open more than one window for the same application at the same time. It will not only open windows next to each other, but users will be able to move the windows anywhere in the screen without being restricted to a specific place on their windows.

Support mouse

Apple is looking to modernize the system to change the experience of its iPad tablets to offer a more similar experience to laptops than just tablets. This step will help the iPad company to support the iPad for the mouse so that users can control the system entirely relying on it and not just on the touch. The leaks will be available through a mouse that supports Bluetooth only to connect to Apple devices without an intermediary like wireless keyboards.

Use iPad devices as an additional screen

additional screen

Apple is currently working on a Sidecar project to give users the ability to rely on iPads as secondary screens for their computers, where users will be able to move any application windows from their computer’s home screen to the tablet’s screen. It will not stop at this point. Users who own Apple Pencil pens will be able to draw, edit and control iPad content using the pen, which will be uniquely special for designers.

New gestures

Since the introduction of iOS 11, Apple has one of the best gestures, which is undeniable even if it does not like the company’s products or its overall policy. On iOS 13, Apple will add new gestures to enable users to do Undo and Redo by touching the keyboard with three fingers and dragging left or right. The leaks available now say that this feature will be available on iPad devices while still being unknown about their availability on the iPhone.

Update your Safari browser

Safari users suffer from the problem of displaying websites without their compatibility with the size of the screen, that is, when opening different sites the user shows the copy of the smartphones from the site, which is not often compatible with the size of large screens iPad, which is very popular with YouTube, which often forced users To request a copy of the computer from the site. The update that Safari will get will make the browser request a copy of the computer from the website when required. The mechanism of this feature is unknown so far. Will the browser recognize the dimensions of the site before requesting a computer copy or will it request it immediately by default?

New Emoticons

IOS will get a new set of emoticons that will not be available as soon as the update is released in September but will be available by leaks later.


Changes in system settings

Unlike what we have said, Apple is adjusting some simple things in the system for better user experience. The first of these changes is to change the sound list format or more accurately the sound mark when it changes its level, which will be replaced by another design because of the acquisition of a large part of the screen when it appears, which causes great inconvenience especially during the operation of games. Apple will also improve the way font fonts are chosen to be smoother and more comfortable to integrate into the system



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