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In March, astronaut Kristina Koch joined the crew of the International Space Station, and NASA recently announced its plan to extend Christina’s space mission to February 2020.

Christina will become the second extension of the spacecraft for nearly a year, and the first woman to do it, but this is not the case, but her mission data could help humanity reach Mars.

 astronaut Kristina Koch

Views of the International Space Station

It is now decided that Christina will spend 328 days in space, a little less than Scott Kelly’s, spending 340 days on a space mission that yielded precious data on the impact of prolonged space missions in the human body.

“This is an important step. We still have a lot to learn about the impact of long space missions in the human body before we decide to send astronauts to Mars,” said Jennifer Fogarty, NASA’s senior human research program scientist. “Christina’s mission will help us.

“NASA looks forward to improving our knowledge of sending more astronauts on 250-day missions,” she said in a news release. Christina’s extended mission will provide the human research program with more data, supporting future lunar and marshal missions.


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