Now Google offers a search results page on the phone with a new design


It revealed the search giant today announced a new design for the search page on smartphones results, where replaces Google’s old model to the search page that comes title results and then link, to go to the new design brand for the site in the foreground and the middle to user support optimal.

New Search Result

Google would like to direct users to optimize the quick access to the research topic, so I started to push a new design for the search page to support the show search efficiency and performance results faster by showing the brand of the site at the beginning and the middle of the search results, to guide the user more accurately.

Also, the search results were previously shown in blue, followed by the publisher’s site in green with small font in a small font. The publisher’s link in the new design of the search results page comes with a small icon at the beginning, followed by search results, which leads the publisher to excel in the results.

The new design of the search results page also includes a change to the way ads are displayed on the search results page, where the ad article previously appeared in a green font in a window that appears at the bottom of the search results, and the ad item now appears in the new design with a bold black line that supports the user Destination information faster.



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