After an interview with the Wired magazine, Sony unveiled for the first time the details of the next generation of PlayStation, confirmed support 8K display resolution, surround sound and a faster SSD storage and compatibility with PlayStation 4 games.

The upgrades include hardware upgrades, notably the adoption of a third-generation AMD Ryzen 7-nanometer processor and a modified Radeon Navi-based graphics card to provide the feature of ray tracing that plays a significant role in improving graphics accuracy.

PlayStation 5

The surround sound or 3D surround sound enhances the user’s feel for the gaming environment. The new AMD processor, which has a dedicated unit, will be able to sense the difference either with TV speakers or headphones other than the 8K resolution that requires screens that support display resolution.

Sony will replace the HDD with the SSD, which will significantly increase the download speed and response of the games; the download of the Spiderman game for PlayStation 4 takes 15 seconds to download normally, but the same game on PlayStation 5 took 0.8 seconds according to the Wired magazine experience.

Because PlayStation 5 is similar to the design architecture of the previous generation, it will support the PlayStation 4, which will not prevent the availability of digital or physical copies dedicated to each device.

Finally, Sony has confirmed that it does not intend to launch the PlayStation 5 in 2019, which is consistent with the absence of the E3 Entertainment Expo, so the official announcement of PlayStation 5 will be announced next year.


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