Who does not remember the application of the famous BBM conversation, which was not aimed primarily at people but for companies but soon attracted a large number of users made Blackberry phones sometime in the bestseller. The widespread application, which became a platform for talks for individuals at the beginning of the decade after the break from the use of BBM for Enterprise began to face difficulties in maintaining users with the spread of Android system and its multiple platforms, despite the launch of Android phones on the platform Play Store by 2012, but since that time Failed to maintain the user base to decrease day after day to what is now waiting.

time to say goodbye BBM

BBM will see the fate of a lot of text chat applications that have failed to last. Emtek, the owner of the application copy for personal chat, has decided to suspend the use by May 31, calling its users to upload all their account data because they will not be able to access it after this date.

With the announcement of Emtek for the move, the BlackBerry owner of the BBM for Enterprise version released the free version of the application instead of $ 2.5 / 6 months for users, which may be an excellent alternative for those who prefer the use of other options currently available, especially as it offers a high degree of protection and privacy lacks Most popular chat apps.

When was the last time you used BBM? If you are one of its current users, what is the chat app you will be going to?

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