Protect your children from harmful Internet content through these programs

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While there is growing concern about the impact of social networking sites on our children, finding tools for parents to protect children from harmful Internet content is necessary and comfortable with these programs.

The suffering of taking children out of their lives online is a familiar experience for parents who have been stranded.

So, how can we protect children from harmful Internet content?

According to the BBC website, content filtering programs have been available for many years, but parents have not always had the technical expertise to operate correctly.

Most also require children to provide their passwords, a possible cause of a family quarrel.

But now, there is a new generation of digital control tools for parents that help them regain control quickly.

Control the powers

Control the powers of each device according to user habits

All Circles with Disney, Koala Safe and Ikydz, for example, claim to enable you to control all the digital devices in your home with a few touches in an application on your smartphone.

New products connect to your home’s wireless internet router.

In the case of the Circle device, plug the white cube, which is affected by Apple’s design school, into electricity, and immediately give you a list of each phone, laptop, tablet, etc. connected to the Internet in your home, with a variety of ways to control these devices.

It may be challenging to discover the owner of each device.

However, when the MAC address of each device, which is a set of numbers and unique characters for each device, it becomes rather easy to assign to each user.

You can then select filters by age (pre-school, child, teenager, adult, none), which obscures explicit content, gambling, dating, and more, depending on the filter and filter selected.

Frotnite schedules can be blocked or fixed

You can also prevent specific apps or sites. “Does anyone think of Fortnite and Instagram?”

You can limit usage time, temporarily turn off the Internet, or set sleep times.

But you can do most of these with traditional filter programs, and today’s Internet service providers, cyber security software companies and web browsers all offer better options for the family in their services.

The Internet is a place for children alone

A survey by Internet Matters, a non-profit Internet security association, in 2018, found that young people between the ages of 11 and 16 showed that 65 percent of respondents supported parental controls.

Anne Longfield, UK Commissioner for Children, believes it is suitable for parents to set limits.

“The Internet can be a great resource, but it can be like a wild raven for children,” she said. “We would not think it would be appropriate to leave our children in the garden at night if they were still young.”

“In the same way, we should not believe that it is appropriate to leave them roaming the Internet without any guidance or restrictions.”

However, there are disadvantages to these modern control tools, some of which do not work when your child leaves the house and is no longer connected to the home wireless internet.

All will not work if the home network is closed, and the Internet is used through mobile data.

Some tools are also not compatible with some routers.

So what other options are available?

“For younger children, a phone from Monqi, a company that makes phones designed for children, may be a better choice for the first baby device,” advises Gislin Pomposa, head of the Digital Section at Internet Matters.

“If you’re worried about specific sites, you can select the SafeSearch option on your family network; this can be enough, and it’s free. You can also activate the Google Safe Search option or Restricted Mode on YouTube.

Another option is to buy a router from the new generation fast, some of which offer good network coverage, ready options for parental control.

For technically experienced parents, Kate Bevan, the editor of Which, suggests enabling Open DNS on the router, which allows parents to set controls and controls.

Basic blocking options are free.

Dialogue with the child is the best way to teach safety

But Ben Halbert, founder of Savvy Cyber ​​Kids, a non-profit organization in the United States, warns of the limitations of technology.

“Once children reach a certain age, their peers will tell them, or they will find ways to circumvent parental control,” he said.

“Whatever technique you use, it will not completely prevent your child from being exposed to things you would not want to be exposed to. Building confidence with your children and continuing to talk about using new technologies is essential. “

Most experts stress that dialogue, education, and negotiation are essential technical solutions to keep your children safe online

Protect your children



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