Galaxy Fold

Samsung is finally ready to sell the folding flagship Galaxy Fold, which has been around for a long time on April 26th. Before that, the central station editors also got the chance to play. I think everyone will want to know if the value is not worth it before the US$2,000 is spent, and the crease is not apparent. The answer to the editor of the central station is that the ridge does exist, but the organization feels excellent.

Galaxy Fold

The editor of the central station said that the first impression was that it was complete. The whole machine is not only realistic but also has personal satisfaction with the 7.3-inch screen. The inside display is a 1,536 x 2,152 resolution, 4.2:3 ratio panel made of “Advanced Composite Polymer Plastic.” When you close it, the two halves of the phone are magnetically attracted together. It takes a little effort to open it. It usually needs to be opened with two hands. When it is opened to the maximum, the hinge of the shaft will be stuck in the flat position. . In the folded state, you can use the outer 4.6 screens to operate, but its resolution is only 840 x 1,960, which is slightly lower for the central station editors who are used to modern mobile phones. At the same time, because the screen is too small, the first station editor found that there will be a big chance to press the button by mistake. Samsung does not intend to use the external screen as the main force.

Turning to the inside screen, I think the best thing about everyone is how light the crease in the middle is. In the case of opening, there is such a line in the middle, but depending on what is being viewed, it may not be seen. If it is a darker picture, such as a dark tablecloth or a darker scene in a movie, the creases are invisible, but if it is a brighter picture, such as a photo or a web page, the ridge will be clear. Some. It’s like opening a piece of paper that has been folded over – you can choose to ignore this imperfection, but it is hard for people who care about it to ignore it. The editor of the central station thought that the problem was not to the extent that it was not recommended to buy, but it would have been a nuance for the perfectionist who had spent $2,000.

Galaxy Fold

Naturally, Fold has also added some software features that make it easier to use large screens. For example, when you use an app such as Google Maps or YouTube on the outside screen, open the inside, and it will directly provide you with an enlarged version of the external screen content, which is especially useful for seeing the instructions on the Maps. At the same time, the big picture makes it more suitable for multiplex, so you can open three apps at the same time to use. Also, the default keyboard configuration is also deliberately divided into left and right halves so that you can type with your thumb.

The fold is equipped with Snapdragon 855 processor and 12GB RAM. In the demo of the main station editing, switching apps and switching cameras feel quite smooth. No problems are running three universal apps. Of course, if you want to run three games at the same time, even the S855 will be a bit difficult, but whether it is really, you have to wait for the formal evaluation to have an answer. The other thing to wait for the review to confirm is Fold’s power – although the built-in two batteries add up to 4,380 mAh of total power, which is larger than the Galaxy S10+‘s 4,000 mAh, Fold’s main screen area is also significant. Much more, it should be more power-consuming, whether it can last a whole day, but also to wait until the actual measurement to know the result.

In the parts of the accessories, Samsung introduced two protective shells made of Kevlar-like materials. Because of the specialty of the Fold design, the protective shell is two-piece, revealing the middle shaft mechanism. Samsung also has Galaxy Bud’s headsets for every Galaxy Fold, making the US$2,000 price slightly more acceptable. But in general, Galaxy Fold’s set-up group is not a general consumer, not even a wealthy consumer, but more of a thoughtful concept machine, to the early adopters of technology at the forefront.


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