Sony’s Digital Paper E Ink tablet is getting smaller

Sony's Digital Paper

But the price is still very expensive

Although Sony’s E Ink devices are less practical and more expensive than regular tablets, this does not seem to prevent them from continuing to invest in the product line. Earlier, it introduced the new model DPT-CP1 . Compared with the previous DPT-RP1 , its function has not changed much. The difference is mainly from the size of 13.3 1 to 10.3.

The CP1 has a black and white resolution of 1,872 x 1,404, a device thickness of 5.9 mm, and a weight of approximately 226 g. A single charge provides approximately one month of battery life. The stylus support is also available as usual. You can write and draw on the tablet in a customary way. Of course, no surprise is that the pricing of this new product is still not low. Although its price of 630$ is already cheaper than that of the larger RP1, it should not be easy for ordinary people to consume.



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