The game of Mordhau reaches 500 thousand copies, is the independent game the best this year?


The Triternion team seems to be in a pleasing time for the time being. The independent Slovenian team Triternion developed and published a new game known as Mordhau and published the game on April 29.

Triternion announced the numbers that Mordhau managed to reach. In just one week the game sold 500,000 copies and achieved excellent figures for the independent game from a small team, with the number of players on the game server at the same time reaching 60,000.

mordhau battle

The game has received very acceptable ratings so far not excellent but functional, and a small independent team developed the game received material support through a campaign on the site Kickstarter in 2017 and was able to get $300 thousand by which the development of the game.

The game was developed using Unreal Engine, the game is exclusive on the PC platform and available on the Steam store for only $ 30, which is proportional to the value of the game is not an AAA game worth 50 or 60 dollars, and it is not a very small game worth $ 10, for example.

Mordhau fight

The game belongs to the types of games Hack ‘n slash from the perspective of the first person and the game is on the stage of multiplayer game, the game takes you to the Middle Ages, where you participate in a massive battle between two teams and of course will join a specific group and the winning team with the most number of killers or the most dominant squad On the map points.

The idea of ​​the game is similar to the game For Honor from Ubisoft, but with some additions and changes, share your opinion dear reader in the game and do you want to see our review of the game Mordhau?


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