The trial version of the Call of Duty game is now available in some areas

Call of Duty mobile

After announcing the launch of the Call of Duty game in a particular version of smartphones, today launched the demo version of the game on the platforms Android and iOS in specific areas, where it revealed the most important features of this version for users of mobile devices.

The trial version is expected to be available in both India and Australia at the beginning, and to be launched later. Users can also register in the Call of Duty game to pay notifications for the trial version of the game for other areas in the summer of this year.

Call of Duty mobile

The game’s release also confirmed that this version of Call of Duty includes a set of styles in the game, with the first style in the game as free for all and supports 8 players, while the other models support 10 players.

This version also comes with 7 maps for players. The game also comes with many customizable options with tools that support customization of weapons, bombs, and additional skills for players. This version also includes a selection of famous Call of Duty characters to choose from


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