These 6 Basic Mistakes in SEO Often Found on Many Websites


To get a lot of visitors, now almost all websites have done SEO, either done by themselves, by a special team of SEOs, or using SEO services. But in practice, it turns out there are still many websites that do not pay attention to basic things in SEO.

Quoted from SEO24X7 , these are the 6 most common mistakes found in most websites from the SEO side:

1. Website is slow to load

website load time

Not only users who hate websites that are slow to open, but so is Google . If you feel your website has been open long enough, then do the handling immediately, because if so your SEO score might fall down from your other competitors. Some factors that make a website slow to open are the poor quality of the hosting party you are using, or your website is filled with large images or widgets from third-party websites.

2. Blog location

There are several websites that are online stores and company profiles and then provide a special page for their blog, this is a plus in SEO. But where the location of the blog is something to consider. Many references suggest that blogs are placed in the directory ( rather than in the sub domain ( with the consideration that all backlinks that go to the main website or blog will still strengthen the main domain. Using sub domains as the location of your blog will make you have to look for 2x backlinks, for the main website and for your blog.

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3. Setting root domain

setting url domain

With Google, which now has more respect for websites that have SSL certification, many websites are starting to switch to https, but unfortunately there are still many who still have access to the http page can still be opened. This resulted in Google identifying this website as a duplicate website because it has two different URLs but with the same content. This also applies to websites that have more than 1 home page URL, for example, can be accessed via but can also be accessed via or

4. Canonical Tag

Just like the mistake made at number 3, there are also many websites that don’t have canonical tag settings, so Google can consider the same website as 2 different websites, this is because the website can be accessed via or mainwebsite .com Ensuring only one URL for one page is important so that Google does not consider a website to be a duplicate simply because it hasn’t set its Canonical Tag yet.

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5. Codes from other websites

This is a warning for websites that have lots of widgets or components from other websites. For example the Facebook Like widget, Google Adsense, the Share This Plugin, and various codes from other websites. The existence of this code can indeed enhance your website, but it can also extend your website load, and as explained in point no 1, Google prefers websites that have a fast load time. So only use third party website code that is really needed.

6. URL length

Making sure the URL length on each page is no more than 74 characters is a must do for SEO. Especially if you use a CMS such as Open Cart which is not Google Friendly, but also has a URL that is too long. And the length of the URL in question is including the http characters, dots, dashes, and other characters.

By ensuring that your website has no errors in setting the 6 points above, you can continue the SEO process into more complex stages. But if this setting is still not on your website, please set it first, don’t let your website have trouble entering page 1 of Google just because of the 6 errors that are often found on other websites as described above.

But if your SEO process already uses experienced SEO services , then you don’t need to worry because the 6 points above are the things that are first noticed when the SEO process is done. 🙂


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