Twitter has been trying hard for two years to reduce the unhealthy use of the platform, whether by publishing fake content and violating or even cutting phantom and annoying accounts, especially for the services of increasing followers and so on. Today, it announced another step to continue its work by reducing the number of reports that can be followed up.

The company published

Twitter safty

It says: “Continue, Cancel Continue, Continue, Cancel Continue. Who does it? Nuisance accounts. So we’ll change the number of accounts that can be tracked daily from 1,000 to 400. Do not worry; you’ll be fine. “

Twitter says annoying accounts follow other accounts to attract attention and then cancel follow-up, and may go back to follow up and follow up. The fact is that this happens daily with most users, as many of the accounts begin to follow hundreds and suddenly when it has a large number of followers to cancel follow-up to them all.


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