NEW YORK (Reuters) – Investigators in the United States are using Google’s search engine to find suspects and witnesses near crime sites, according to the New York Times.

The newspaper reported an incident in Arizona when a person was arrested in a murder case last December. Police told suspect George Molina that they found a trace of his phone at the location where a man was shot nine months ago and discovered this by obtaining a warrant Required that Google provides information on all devices registered near the killing to find out where anyone was present in the area.

Investigators have relied on other evidence, including video footage of security cameras of a person shooting from the same car model of the suspect’s car, although they could not see the car’s plate or the attacker.

But the suspect was released after a week in jail after investigators learned new information and released him. They arrested another person, a friend of his former mother who sometimes used the Molina.

The New York Times said the arrest warrants, based on a massive database called Google Employees Sensorvault, turned the work of tracking mobile phone users into a digital law enforcement network.

This is another example of how to use personal information, where to go, what your friends are reading, eating or watching, for purposes that many people did not expect.


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